She wears her iconic red lip fiercely with conviction, and made her mark in Congress by speaking up and standing up for the American people. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as “AOC”, is the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th Congressional District. As a Boston University graduate, Bronx, New York native, and daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants, AOC’s advocacy for criminal justice reform, immigration, and other basic human rights - she continues to speak up as a Latinx woman in the House full of the latter. Her voice is honest, confident, and reaffirming. AOC stands for justice and speaks for those who do not have a voice. Her bold approach to politics and unwavering courage has allowed her to call the injustices in today's age. She works closely with and receives an abundance of support from “The Squad”, whom she calls a “gift from God”, four other women in Congress who started their congressional career at the same time. In a field where the demand is immense and constant, and vulnerable to threats, she knows the importance of allyship through their sisterhood and friendship.


Your voice can speak for the voiceless. Your words can break the chains of the oppressed. Your actions can be the difference this world needs for any injustice. You can be the bridge for those in need!

“Learn what it means to do what is good by seeking righteousness and justice! Rescue the oppressed. Uphold the rights of the fatherless and defend the widow’s cause.” - Isaiah 1:17