Chairman and CEO of Kering François-Henri Pinault is taking the next step to be sustainable and eco-friendly. The French conglomerate of luxury goods made a recent announcement that they need to adapt to the world changes and it's the only way luxury can grow, by listening to their clients. He announced all collections will end the use of fur. However, they will continue to use leather as they continue to research and invest in the development on a mushroom-based or lab-grown leather. Kering is one of the greenest luxury goods firm on the planet, holding a high standard to ensure their practices are eco-friendly, animal-cruelty free, and good for the planet. His desire is for luxury brands to incorporate new products through a sustainable lens, from the material to the craftsmanship, and the products lifecycle. Kering's goal to clean up the supply chain will make them a leader in luxury in the approach of sustainability. Celebrating 100 years will be full of glam but also socially responsible and this is the perfect opportunity for Pinault and Kering to reinvent in the fashion & luxury goods industry.


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