2020 is the year of Zendaya. From her historic Emmy win for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama, to just recently being named the new face of Valentino, the 24 year old starlet is leading the charge and shows no signs of slowing down.

In the midst of her success, the Oakland native is using her voice to give honor to those who have come before her. From art to activism, she opens up about the people that inspire her most and encourages the next generation to learn from the past while leaning into the present. “A lot of what I do, specifically within fashion, is a tribute to fashion icons who came before me...I love to see that genuine love and respect for each other’s work. I hope that we continue to expand that in all kinds of beautiful ways, because I think we’re on a really good path.” Zendaya leads with vision and purpose, paying homage to the patriarchs that have gone before her while fiercely carrying their legacies forward. She encourages her fans to strive for greatness together through their collective strength.“We are incredibly powerful…but we have to believe in our collective power.” She possesses a level of grace and authenticity that leaves no doubt that the future of Hollywood looks bright.