From the age of 16 years old, Mike Krzyzewski, better known as "Coach K" always wanted to be a coach. With all the honors and accomplishments, he will go down in history being the coach who has sent the most college players into the NBA. After 41 years of dedication, Coach K shares that all the wins and accomplishments are a byproduct of healthy relationships.

During his tenure as the head coach at Duke University his personal growth is balanced. Being a listener and learner, he has instilled in his organization to always have the courage to follow their instincts. He states, “…talent and relationships and togetherness” produces productivity. As he hands off his legacy, Coach K will continue to be an ambassador to Duke Basketball, continue his public speaking engagements, support his non-profit, and most of all spend time with his wife and family.


Your legacy is what you give and your lineage is the reflection of how well you served.

“And the time that Solomon reigned in Jerusalem over all Israel was forty years” - 1 Kings 11:42