The Olympic USA Basketball torch has been passed to Golden State Warriors three-time NBA championship coach, Steve Kerr. Kerr will be replacing Gregg Popovich as Team USA enters into the 2023 World Cup and 2024 Paris Olympics. No comments have been shared by Kerr, however Warriors star player Stephen Curry made the following statement, “…he couldn't imagine when he got into coaching in '14 that we had the success we've had and he'd have the opportunity to leverage that into the next USA Men's Basketball coach, which is pretty awesome. I know it will probably flex a different muscle for him in terms of, it's almost like borderline you've got to go recruit some guys, you've got to be the morale booster, you've got to put in a system. But it's about the culture that you create around that team because you're not together all the time. And how quickly can you guys jell. So that will be fun to watch."


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