Global Creative Director of Apple Music Larry Jackson has been behind-the-scenes as one of the most influential individuals in the music industry. Known to be a “conduit to culture”, Jackson played a major role in the creation and launch of Apple Music’s streaming services. His global influence has reshaped the music business with his strategy, intellect, and growing experience. Jackson also conceptualized and strategized last year’s live music streaming event VERZUZ into its expansion. What started as a discussion amongst his friends and colleagues, he was able to integrate this virtual event into major platforms so it can be sustainable and marketed well. Jackson’s route was unconventional and though the odds were against him growing up, by betting on himself, it has led to the fruits of his labor. The same thing that has been driving him since his youth, continues to motivate him to this day.


You never know where you’re going no matter how or where you start. Trust the process!

"Trust the Lord and do good; live in the land, and farm faithfulness." — Psalm 37:3