Member of the Porsche family dynasty Wolfgang Porsche is a proud executive of the Porsche and continues the work of his father and grandfather. As the third generation operating for the company, he demonstrates his passion and hopes to continue his role for as long as his health can allow him. Porsche looked up to his grandfather and his father and as the youngest, he came the family's spokesman. His company is his life and he serves as the chairman for Porsche AG Supervisory Board. His strong sense of tradition and the importance of family is what has kept him in very intimate involvement with the company. He is deeply connected to everyone from his family to his employees. He has an adoration and appreciation for his Porsche employees because of their contribution to Porsche's success. The synergy is channeled through his passion and what he inherited from his father. His hope is that continues through his children, whether or not they decide to enter the business, he just desires for them to be good people and are happy.


Be passionate about your life and what you are connected to. May the love you have for it all be expressed through your actions and words!

"And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires." - Galatians 5:24