Former Creative Director for Yves Saint Laurent, former Head Designer and Creative Director for Ermenegildo Zegna, and Founder and Creative Director for Random Identities, Stefano Pilati’s success is attributed to his personal experiences, constant discovery and learning. As one of the most avant-garde fashion creators, he filled major shoes after succeeding Tom Ford’s role as Creative Director for Yves Saint Laurent in 2004. His history with fashion houses and brands led him to go independent with the start of his brand, Random Identities in 2017. Pilati’s past roles taught him what he needed to know to run his own company. His intention when starting Random Identities was to bring access to gender-fluid and elegant clothes, with a decent price structure.

Pilati prides himself for his personal style because clothes define his style. His obsession allows him to express himself and he has a deep love for fashion. His advice to aspiring clothing designers is to recognize your strengths and to never stop learning new ways to do what you’re passionate about.


Every role you have played, every position you have been placed in is not by coincidence! It all serves a purpose that will lead you and prepare you for what’s next!

“If you are uniquely gifted in your work, you will rise and be promoted. You won’t be held back—you’ll stand before kings!” - Proverbs 22:29