As one of the top women CEO’s in tech, Whitney Wolfe Herd is the youngest woman to take a company public. Within hours of her going public, she became a billionaire. The founder of Bumble, a dating app where women are known to make the first move, was not only made to better a woman’s dating experience, but users also can sign up to network and make friends. Her goal was to make a statement because she was fed up with how women are treated and the misogyny within the tech world. Due to her past dating experiences and harassment she has faced at work, Wolfe Herd wanted to create a safer space for women to navigate through.

She left Tinder, where she spearheaded their marketing efforts, and to prove her point, the marketing and branding of Bumble began. Her vision for Bumble is beyond dating, claiming it to be a lifestyle brand so women can feel empowered and safe. She has made the app in such a way that it has safe policies, shifting the tone by sweeping out any behavior and users that don’t not fall in line with their guidelines. Through her branding, Wolfe Herd envisions a cultural shift on how women are treated, even if it’s just in the realm of the app, it is starting somewhere. She hopeful for a safer and secure internet experience for everyone, one where there is less harassment and bullying, and giving power to the powerless.


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